La Villa

Situated in the province of Udine, a land of numerous ancient cultures and important focal point in Central Europe. A country house, with particulars of the 20th century, offers you hospitality in two double rooms with bath in the lovely countryside of Udine overlooking the mountains and the hills famous for their wines. At only a dozen kilometers from the Ramandolo-hills, another typical friaulian wine, and from few kilometers the famous antique town of Forum Juli (Cividale del Friuli) of Roman and Longobardig origins.

A colonial house built at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, it was involved in the conflicts during the last World War.The house stands out from the other buildings of the surroundings for its precious details, its columns and frescos.The stones the house was constructed with come from a near torrent.Originally within its courtyards the land was used for farming and rearing live stock for the family.Today there are some 4000 mq of garden with trees anda pond. In spring and summer the swallows come and refresh themselves accompanied by the singing of frogs